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19 things parents did when we were little and our children repeat

19 things parents did when we were little and our children repeat

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Our children always surprise us with new things, but there are times when we look at them we go back to our childhood and remind us of everything we did when we were as young as them: the games, the illusions, the thoughts ... as if our children were living a part of our life! Do you know what we are talking about? These are the 19 things parents did as children and our children repeat.

The reason why this happens we do not know, but the truth is that it is a reality that many parents live with enthusiasm. And it is that, perhaps, the years that pass between one generation and another do not matter, after all, all kids can have fun with the same thing you used to do and even with what their grandparents amused themselves.

That feeling you get when you realize that your children repeat what you did in childhood is a kind of amalgam of feelings that fill you with emotion. On the one hand, you see yourself reflected in your children, a small memory comes to your memory, producing a comforting and unmistakable feeling, it is as if you savored your own childhood again.

And you enjoy that little moment as if it were your greatest treasure, because we do not always have the opportunity to remember your childhood with the clarity that we do in those moments. On the other hand, you feel a kind of pride in your children, who also know how to have fun like you did, 'Could it be that they do the same as you because they are your children?', You think. You don't know why that kind of intergenerational magic happens, but it does happen, even when your children are adopted or are your stepchildren.

Actually, in my opinion, It is not so much about genetics, but about that special connection that we feel with our children when we see ourselves identified with them. When your 'baby' plays marbles as when you did as a child, you feel that you can understand the extent of their happiness by enjoying that game, and you can even play with your little one, teach him some tricks and enjoy as when you were a baby the same age. It's a wonderful thing, right?

And what are those things that our children do and we feel our hearts skip because we did it too? It can be thousands or millions of things, because it depends a lot on our personal experience, but we wanted to collect some that may sound familiar to you. Here they go!

1. Jump in puddles
I remember the first time my stepson jumped into puddles of water with me, I saw myself at the entrance of the front door of my house with some colored wellies! My first impulse was to forbid it for fear of catching a cold, but I understood perfectly that at that moment it mattered more that my little one had fun than anything else.

2. Swing high
Remember when your dad, mom, siblings, or cousins ​​pushed you to swing higher? You felt like you could fly, right? It's the same as your children feel, I can assure you!

3. Play marbles
Marbles will never go out of style, they stand the test of generations! You may not only see your children playing marbles, but also your grandchildren.

4. Go out without a coat
'I don't want to cover up!' or 'I'm hot!' Before you go crazy because your child wants to go out without a coat, maybe you can find yourself among your childhood memories ...

5. Tying your shoes for the first time
It may be that when your child manages to tie his shoes for the first time or the first times, you suddenly discover that you remember that time that you did too. What was incredible?

6. Not wanting to eat the vegetables
Who says the vegetables, says the fish or any food that your little one does not like. You may see yourself fighting with your mother on more than one occasion because that day you were determined to win the battle.

7. Keep a journal
Perhaps your children will surprise you one day writing in a secret diary that they keep suspiciously. Did you have one too? Remember that you hated that your mother took it to read it ...

8. Play hopscotch
Do you remember hopscotch? You only needed a stone and a chalk, if you played it on concrete, or a stick if it was on sand. Long hours of fun awaited you ahead, the same as your children have now.

9. Walk without stepping on the ground lines
It is all a game of dexterity, ability, concentration and balance. Try to have fun the same way you used to spend it now with your children playing this game.

10. Climb the trees
Despite the fact that deep down you feel that there is a certain danger in this game, you will not be able to help but feel proud to see your child overcome such a great obstacle, because you also know that his self-confidence will grow as it did the first time you did. you achieved.

11. Pour tablespoons and tablespoons of powdered chocolate into the milk
And be prepared, because if your child has a sweet tooth like you, he will probably add some more when you are not looking. And then you may also complain that your belly hurts. Whoops!

12. Try to bite the ice cream cone by the tip
And slurp it like it's the world's greatest discovery. You don't know why, but ice cream tastes more delicious that way.

13. Suck and bite the pencil
It actually tastes pretty bad, but who knows why we all do it when we're kids (or most of us). At school or doing homework, sucking and chewing on the pencil is a vice.

14. Paint your face red and play a joke
For the most teasing children, this is the classic joke: pretend that you have blood with paint. Did you do it when you were little and your son too?

15. Dress up in mom / dad clothes
You come home and your children surprise you with heels and a tie. Well yes, we have all done it at some time, right? Dressing up as mom or dad and walking down the hall of the house repeating, in addition, their set phrases was really cool.

16. Thinking that you are going to find a treasure
If your child stares down when he walks, he may remind you of someone ... you! Yes, and he does this gesture in the hope of finding money or a special treasure.

17. Enjoy non-stop playing water balloons
In summer, no child (or adult) can resist having a great time playing water balloons. Do you remember the balloon wars with your friends? We were coming home to get almost straight into the dryer.

18. Asking uncomfortable questions
Your kids are just as curious as you were when you were their age, so don't be so surprised when they ask you an awkward question. The best thing you can do is get out of the way, always respecting your little ones' need for learning, or if they are mature, talk about it.

19. Paint a work of art on the wall
On the wall, on a sheet of documents from mom or dad ... in the wrong place! You remember? Very pretty and very creative but ... unlucky ... or not?

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