12 fun home games for three kids to play together

12 fun home games for three kids to play together

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'Momma, we are bored, what are we playing at?' If they gave us a coin every time we heard these words we would already be rich, right? And there are times when children, the more toys they have at home, the more they get bored. So far we have come! It is time to draw on all our imagination and mix it with great doses of ingenuity. If you are thinking of home games and fun and educational activities for three children to entertain together, You've come to the right place!

Whether you have 3 children or from time to time friends or cousins ​​come to your house and you need an idea or two so that the small group of three can entertain themselves, have a great time, learn things and, why not, leave a little free for you, you just have to propose let them think for themselves what they want to do.

Of course, before telling them this, you have to make it clear that no technology, children have to play to develop their imagination and creativity. And for that, there is nothing better than letting them get bored from time to time.

Once they tell you that they want this or that, you bring up these ideas so they can choose the one they like the most. As you will see right away, it is about games and simple activities designed to do between three; do not hesitate to adapt according to the tastes of the children and do not hesitate to participate yourself in the game for a little while, it will make them a tremendous illusion. Having clarified this, we start with the ideas !!

We started the first batch of games with some very entertaining and easy to come by ideas.

1. The boat of wishes or secrets
It is about each child writing on a piece of paper one of those secrets that can be shared, a wish, a dream or simply a thought. Later, it is put in a boat or a box that they themselves can decorate the papers folded in half.

Next, each child will have to take a piece of paper and read it aloud. The idea is to share this with others, comment on it and express feelings and emotions. If someone has written a problem or a question, the rest will try to help you solve it.

2. Origami figures
Origami is not only for the elderly, we can also find very beautiful figures as well as simple for children of all ages. The key here is not only to be able to finish the figure, but to enjoy its realization and, incidentally, understand that doing things well takes time and that patience is a virtue. The children can each make an origami figure or make them as a team.

3. Stories and more stories
What more hobbies can you propose to children? Well, the three of them read a story. One acts as a reader and the other two as listeners and then the roles are switched. When they have finished their reading, they can draw a picture of it or comment on it out loud. What if you propose that they write their own story? You will find it inspiring!

4. A puzzle out of 3, what fun!
Whenever my twin nephews come to my house, I suggest that, while I prepare the food, they do a puzzle with my son. The three of them immediately tell me yes because they tend to like it a lot. Did you know that puzzles are perfect for improving visual acuity and memory?

5. Card games
The liar, the briscola, the little clock, the broom ... I'm sure if you stop to think about it a little, you will also come to mind many card games to play between three. Explain to the children some of these games and let them start with the one they like the most. Whoever says three players says four, play a game with them!

There are many studies and reports, such as 'Development and Early Learning' conducted by institutions such as the Rhode Island Department of Children, Youth and Family (United States), which indicate that children learn best when they play, because they put their skills to work and they will feel more eager to continue learning.

For this reason, it is important that children play every day and sometimes do it alone and sometimes in the company of siblings or friends. It is through these activities that they not only manage to entertain themselves, but also develop your imagination, your creativity and your autonomy. We continue with our list of games for 3 boys or girls!

6. Make up jokes
If you tell a child to make up a joke, even though he may be embarrassed at first, he will eventually come up with a very funny one. Well imagine if three minds come together for this purpose! The game will be to make up jokes, write them down on a sheet and then tell them to Mom and Dad. You won't be able to stop laughing!

7. Play dough games
What will the playdough have that boys and girls of all ages like? Put a few sticks of clay in the center of the table and let them use that wonderful creativity they have. When you see them again, you will surely be surprised by all the beautiful things they have created. And whoever says plasticine says colored pencils, markers and blank pages. They won't want to do anything else!

8. Shall we make a collage?
To make a collage we need nothing more than cutouts, glue and an idea. How about a robot? Or a garden with colorful flowers or maybe you would like more to make a collage of a phrase from the story that you all read before.

9. Put on a choreography
It turns out that all children also like to dance, jump, and express themselves through movement, so how about a choreography to do between 3 and then teach others? Here we are going to use the mobile or the computer to put the song that they are going to dance to and, if they dare, to sing.

10. Memory games
At home we usually play this a lot with children. Simple memory games like everyone, for example, a few pieces in pairs, we turn them over, we mess them up and we have to pick up in turns to find the one that is the same. If you don't have a game like this at home, it's okay, the children can draw the pieces themselves.

11. Hideout, who's got it?
If you've had enough of sitting down by now, maybe it's time to play hide and seek with three of you. If they are going to play at home, just explain the rules so that they do not hurt themselves, such as not getting inside the closets or in the bathtub.

12. Water games
And to finish with our list of games and activities to do between 3 children we have ... the water games! If the good weather has already arrived in your city, you will not need more than a little water to keep them entertained all afternoon. Some fun games in the inflatable pool, water guns, balloons to fill and throw at friends and things like that that the little ones in the house will surely love.

We hope these ideas help you entertain those three kids!

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